Gerald Assouline got eductated in social sciences, with a PhD at the University of Grenoble (1983). It is in Brazil with landless farmers that he carries out his first professional projects, by associating farmers to the production of didactic tools (films, slide shows) used for their training. After having worked and travelled in many Latin American countries, he discovers Europe in its diversity. From 1999, he travels a lot in the Eastern part of Europe. He is attracted by the border, Eastern borderlands. He develops also a work on harbours, Esperar, from Tangier to Odessa, from Lisbon , Marseille to Istanbul, shown in Geneva and Odessa. For several years, he carries out, with the NGO Paroles par l’Image, the conception and conduction of visual creative workshops aiming at giving specific groups will and skills to develop their visual expression and represent their relation to others.

Member of the French Union of Professional Photographers (UPP,
Founding member of the association Paroles par l’Image / Wording through Imaging (
Founding member of social and therapeutic farming network in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes rgion (

Some exhibitions and film projections


  • Silence, Galerie Krisal, Geneva, Switzerland, April - May 2015


  • Le ciel était si bas, Maison de la photographie Robert Doisneau, Gentilly, France, Feb. – May 2014
  • In Motion – Multimedia exhibition-installation, Cesis Exhibition House, Cesis, Lettonie, Sept. 2014


  • Invited artist by the Movie and video festival Invideo 2012, Milan, Nov. 2012


  • Esperar, from Lisbon to Istanbul, Marseille to Odessa. Pinacotheque, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 2011
  • Night Zigzags – Selection and projection at Nuits Photographiques, June 2011, Paris and July, Arles , France


  • Esperar, from Lisbon to Istanbul, Marseille to Odessa. Pouchkine Museum, Odessa, Ukraine , organised by the French Institute of Ukraine for the French Spring, April 2009.


  • Night Zigzags.- Projection at Angkor Photography Festival , Siem Reap, Cambodgia, Nov. 2008
  • Night Zigzags – Projection at Zemos 98, Sevilla , Spain


  • Waiting for…on the Baltic seaside. Maison Robert Doisneau, Gentilly, Feb–May 2005.


  • The Night Diagonal: Riga. Septembre de la Photographie, Lyon, France, Sept.-Oct. 2004


  • Group Viewing, Collective exhibition at Odense Foto Triennale, Denmark, Oct. 2003.
  • Borderlands. Exhibition and projection in ‘première’ of Tango Baltico at Gallery Atelier Josef Sudek, Prague, Czech Republic. March/April 2003.


  • Baltic Borderlands in Winter. Kinogalerja, Riga, Latvia, organised for the Month of Photography, by the French Embassy, Dec. 2002.
  • Borderlands. Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark, March 2002.

Personal documentary short films

  • I tell stories to myself, DVD, 37’17, video, October 2017
  • Let me dream, DVD, 10’43, still movie, June 2017
  • No age, DVD, 21’, June 2013
  • 13h04, DVD , 10’44, still movie, based on Ghosts in the East work, June 2012
  • Night ZigZags, DVD, 7’ 32, still movie. June 2008
  • Tango Baltico:, DVD, 8’ 30, still movie, March 2003


  • Honorary Award of Merit for 13:04, at Luzern International Film Festival, Oct. 2012
  • Award for Night Zigzags at Photofilm Festival, Fotoku, Tallinn, Estonia, Oct. 2011
  • European Culture Foundation (Amsterdam): Stepbeyond award, 2009.and 2007


Photos have been purchased for public collections at Photo Museum Brandsfabrik of Odense (Denmark), Musée Pouchkine, Odessa (Ukraine), Artotheque of Ville de Grenoble (France), Pinacotheque of Geneva (Switzerland), Maison de la Photographie Robert Doisneau (Ville de Gentilly, France) and private collections in France and other European countries.